Our Neighborhood

Great for Walking and Hiking

Our neighborhood backs up against the Watts Branch Stream Valley. This provides miles of scenic and quit hiking along the creek. These trails are a great place to hike with your family, walk your dogs, or have a fast change in scenery.

Proud of Our Tree Cover and Nature Appeal

A key appeal of Country Place is the vast tree cover throughout the neighborhood. This really give us a natural look allowing residents and visitors to enjoy fall colors in Autumn, cherry blossoms in the Spring, and greenery the rest of the year.

Regular Family-Friendly Events

You never have to wait more than a few months to attend a board sponsored event to bring the community together for fun and socialization. Whether it is our Halloween children's parade or annual Easter egg hunt, there is always a good time to be had with families and friends.

Neighborhood Park Maintained by Montgomery County

Gregerscroft Neighborhood Park provides Country Place and visitors with a playground and natural surface trail. The area is wooded and nearby Watts Branch Stream Valley Park. M-NCPPC acquired this park in 1969. It is challenging to find a time when there aren't children playing at this park and it is a great place to meet other families.